We are a consortium of conductors, performers, and pedagogues dedicated to the advancement of the crafts of conducting and music-making to the highest degree of excellence.


Beginning summer 2021, we offer our annual innovative flagship program, the Retreat, an fully immersive 6-day experience for conductors of all backgrounds and stories committed to their personal and artistic advancement through intensive seminars, private instruction, and the power of the natural world around them. Participants leave the Retreat not just with strengthened conducting, rehearsal, and pedagogical skills, but also artistic trajectory and sense of purpose that only such an environment can provide.

Aside from the Retreat, we engage in various programs and endeavors throughout the year, including symposia, master classes and institutes, commissions, performances, and tours. Our professional resident ensemble, 67hundred, engages in a regional tour each year.

Escalante is a Spanish surname meaning "climber," an apt distillation of our mission of facilitating the further ascent of our participants to their highest artistic goals. Within the vast Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, nestled between hundreds of square miles of rippling sandstone in the village of Boulder, Utah, some 6,700 feet above sea level and isolated from the noise and distractions of the modern world, the Collective brings artists to a refuge of solitude and reflection, a place ideal for artistic growth and deep connection to their art and the Earth. Participants develop a profound relationship with place in the course of their work, and foster an understanding of the connection of the natural world to the art of music making.



Our diverse staff of clinicians have led professional orchestras, college choirs, high school bands, middle school orchestras, church groups, children's choirs, and everything in-between throughout the United States and across the globe. They are world-class conductors, performers, composers, teachers, and advocates. Our clinicians' combined experience and expertise is united by a common purpose in the pursuit of the highest artistic standards of excellence in conducting. Conductors from every walk of life, background, and level or arena of experience will find compassionate, dedicated mentors committed to meeting their individual needs and goals for growth as musicians and artists. 

In addition to our outstanding resident faculty, we periodically invite a distinguished guest artist at the pinnacle of achievement in the craft of conducting for a day of lectures, instruction, and open forums at the Retreat or ad-hoc masterclasses.


We also offer a Retreat Fellowship program for outstanding graduate students in conducting, who learn directly from our clinicians and assist our participants in pursuit of their goals.




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